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Two Night Stands: Natalie Wardle

21 March 2017 until 22 March 2017
Cooper Gallery

For the second Happening in the¬†Two Night Stands¬†programme, Natalie Wardle occupies the Cooper Gallery with a three-part film work and live performance.¬†Questioning contemporary notions of femininity, the three-part film work Control Pant Symphony by Manchester based Natalie Wardle focuses on the way clothing constricts the female body. ¬†A ‚Äúhumorous reflection on how the clothing meant to improve ones‚Äô look is actually rather unflattering to look at on its own‚Ä̬†Wardle¬†highlights the idiosyncratic and¬†awkward pursuit of¬†a societal¬†body ideal. EVENT: Wednesday 22 March, 20


Natalie Wardle, Control Pant Symphony, video still.

Natalie Wardle, Control Pant Symphony, video still.