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Wed, 24 November 2021 - Fri, 31 December 2021


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exhibition poster featuring the work of Mya Cluff

Spilt Milk is delighted to announce our 2021 members exhibition; acting balance[d].

Acting balance[d] brings together 30 contemporary artists to consider what it means to be a mother and artist in the current climate.

Responding to the words ‘Balance, Pressure, Centred’ the selected works explore the artists’ unique experiences of navigating the duality of Mother and Artist roles in life, art and all that is in between.

Humorous, confronting and questioning, the show touches on themes of mental health, the mythic and the contextualisation of self in society.

What does it mean to try and negotiate the balance of our responsibilities? What value do we place on maintaining an equilibrium? What really is realistic?

The full exhibition will be available to view on our website from 25th November. We would love for you to join us at the online opening event where you can hear from some of the artists, followed by an open discussion led by Dr Joanne Crawford, Head of Fine Art at Leeds University.

Exhibiting Artists:

Alice Hutt | Catherine Reinhart | Charmaine Beneyto | Dawn Yow | EL Putnam | Elaine Woo MacGregor | Emily Zarse | Fatema Abizar | Gwen Charles | Jen McGowan | Jenny Mason | Karen Miller | Kasey Jones | Kathryn Jago | Kathryn Rodrigues | Kelly Marshall | Lisa Alberts | Lucy Cade | Michelle Gallagher | Mya Cluff | Mymmy | Nanette Madan | Rebecca Potts Aguirre | Ruth Batham | Sorcha O’Brien | Stephanie Meredith | Stevie Berneray | Tracy Welling | Tulika Ladsariya | Victoria Smits

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