Andrew Mackenzie :: Between Concrete and Wood


Sat, 2 March 2024 - Sat, 30 March 2024

Tue - Sat 10 - 5pm


&Gallery - 3 Dundas Street Edinburgh EH3 6QG

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Cost: Free

Andrew Mackenzie :: Between Concrete and Wood

Type: Exhibition

House 2, oil on panel, 55 x 110 cm

We are looking forward to welcoming Andrew back for his third solo exhibition, Between Concrete and Wood.

Between Concrete and Wood brings together new paintings and drawings focusing on two significant modernist buildings in the Scottish Borders, coupled with responses to an area of woodland near the artist’s home. The paintings were made over a period of a year, through a long process of applying and removing paint.

The architectural paintings are based on Bernat Klein’s wood and glass modernist house near Selkirk, called High Sunderland, and the nationally important Netherdale Stadium in Galashiels, both designed by the British architect Peter Womersley in the 50’s and 60’s. The resulting paintings celebrate the stunning beauty of these structures and their subtle relationships with the landscape, while also gently questioning the legacies of modernism. Andrew visited High Sunderland in early 2023, where he spent a day drawing and photographing the house and landscape.

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