Artist’s Choice Screening: Orlando (35mm)


Tue, 12 March 2024



DCA Cinema

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Cost: £5-£9


Type: Event

Still image from Orlando.

Michelle Williams Gamaker has selected Orlando as one of her Artist’s Choice Screenings.

Sally Potter’s dazzling adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s classic novel is the tale of the apparently immortal Orlando, who begins an epic quest for love and freedom in the court of Elizabeth I as a man and completes the search 400 years later as a woman.

“…witty, visually stunning and brilliantly original”

This journey takes Orlando from the frozen river Thames and central Asia, where he changes sex, through to romantic love and loss in the Victorian age, motherhood and war in the 20th century, until finally arriving in the present moment. Tilda Swinton leads an outstanding international cast in this enchanting, witty, visually stunning and brilliantly original story of self-discovery, romance and adventure.

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