Beacon – Erin Woodbrey – 201 Telephone Box Gallery


Sun, 24 October 2021 - Fri, 24 December 2021

open 24/7


201 Telephone Box Gallery - Sunnyside, Strathkinness

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Cost: free for all

Type: Exhibition

The next exhibition at the 201 Telephone Box Gallery in Strathkinness features work by the American artist Erin Woodbrey and is entitled Beacon. It runs from Sunday 24 October – 12 December 2021.

Inspired by now defunct and obsolete forms of transmitting messages, Erin has transformed the telephone box (once a communication device) into a kind of beacon, a signifier of something from the past. A sort of artifact, a reliquary for transmissions sent from one place to another. Erin has honoured the telephone box as a physical object and has created an installation that is both contained by the box and transforms the space around it.

Erin Woobrey’s art primarily concerns time as it relates to nature, the body and human understanding of the world. Language and communication also play a part. Erin often thinks about language and may spend time contemplating a word or phrase and its meaning and how it might fail to really describe an experience or how it may influence the formation of that experience. This may be a predisposition to poetry or the discovery that questions are often the best way to observe the world, but maybe this is also where art comes in. And what is art if not a collection of assembled communications – constructions, systems, associations made with different parts, coming together, drawn from  inbetweenesses, interstices, middles, thresholds, accumulations…..

Erin lives and works in the USA. This exhibition was developed in line with the 201 Telephone Box Gallery’s curatorial concept of communication. Different means of communication were tested by the curator, Lada Wilson, and the artist during the making of the work. The seeds for this exhibition were planted during Interdisciplinary Residency at Hospitalfield in November 2019, where Erin and Lada met.

We are particularly delighted that Erin has managed to make the journey to Scotland for the exhibition.

Please join us at the 201 Telephone Box Gallery on Sunnyside, Strathkinness on Sunday 24 October at 3:45 pm for a chance to speak with the artist at the village hall along with tea and cakes.

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