Dancing in my Head – art workshop to activate creative flow


Sat, 8 July 2023

10am - 2pm


Arthur Conan Doyle Centre - 25 Palmerston Place Edinburgh, EH12 5AP

Further info

Cost: 50


Type: Workshop

What is this workshop about?

There is a lack of clarity that can breed confusion about activating our senses to elevate creative energy. This confusion comes from the disconnect between our logical, conscious mind and our subconscious intuition. The ‘being in my head’ finds it hard to collaborate with the ‘dancing in my Soul’. The real magic begins if we can balance these two completely opposite stages to support the way of manifesting our dreams in 3D reality.

In this 4-hour creative group workshop, you will be invited to explore your own answers to some intriguing questions such as

  • What is the link between your own senses and creative energy?

  • What blocks your creative state and what makes it flow?

  • Are there particular colours, shapes, or symbols that you can use as an activation key to unlock a state of creative flow when you want/need it?

What is the outcome of this session?

You will learn to experiment with sacred geometry, creative writing, colour mixing, and sound discovering different ways to evoke your creative energy. As an outcome of this dynamic workshop, you will be equipped with a few easy-to-access creative rituals that you can take away and add to your everyday life as an essential toolkit to support your manifestation practice. With your new tools and skills, you will be better able to bring more synchronicities to your everyday life and so stay more connected, inspired, and balanced.

What are the requirements?

Adults only (18+)

All that is needed – is your curiosity, open mind, and willingness to trust the process. You don’t need any previous creative experience to take a part. Do not worry at all if your English is not fluent – we will top it up with the visual language instead. Just bring yourself and your curiosity to the venue on the day and be ready to meet inspiring people to go on the journey as a group. Once you booked the workshop, you will receive your ticket and a follow-up intro email with more details.

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