Drawing & Painting Studio


Thu, 8 June 2023 - Thu, 13 July 2023

Thursdays 1pm-3.30pm


Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover - Studio Pavilion, House for an Art Lover, Bellahouston Park, 10 Dumbreck Road, Glasgow G41 5BW

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Cost: £180


Type: Workshop

This six-week course enables participants to spend an afternoon in the studio, building the skills and techniques necessary to practice in watercolour, oil or acrylics. Tutor-led demonstrations will encourage experimentation in a variety of media and genres, developing individual styles and approaches. This is a studio-based class, where participants can work on their individual pieces, at their own pace with encouragement, tips and critique from Michael Durning. The class is suitable for complete beginners as well as more experienced artists wanting to improve their skills in an environment of supported practice.

Students will gain skills in colour theories, technical handling of materials, materials knowledge and art history. They will learn how to paint and draw from observation and create visually appealing works. Over the course, areas of study will include: landscape and aerial perspective, understanding form, portraiture, graphics and harmonies of colour theory, expressive painting, drawing urban form, oil painting, composition and using line drawing.

This course will involve a lot of experimentation, trying out expressive techniques, looking at colour and the application of mixed media. There will also be some communal activities, creating a large landscape painting using a number of the above techniques.

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