Fri, 1 December 2023 - Sat, 30 December 2023

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Tolbooth, Stirling - Tolbooth, Jail Wynd, Stirling FK8 1DE

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George Farrow Hawkins

George Farrow-Hawkins graduated from Glasgow School of Art BA Fine Art (Painting and Printmaking) in 2016. He currently lives and works in Clackmannanshire as an artist and artist facilitator.

Since 2018 George has been focused upon the production of stop motion short films within his practice .

These films have achieved selection for multiple national and international short film festivals including Edinburgh Short Film Festival, Suffolk Shorts Film Festival, 7 Second International Film Festival (Argentina), Adriatic Film Festival (Italy) and the Fastnet Short Film Festival (Ireland). In addition George’s work was screened at the 2018 Venice Biennale as part of a curated selection of short films entitled ‘Alive in the Universe’.

In recent years George has produced several stop motion music videos for musical artists, including the Stirling based band Constant Follower. With which he has produced two videos, firstly, a video to accompany the bands 2021 single What’s Left to Say’ and latterly a visual accompaniment to  Constant Follower and Scott William Urquhart 2023 single, ‘Waves Crash Here.’

In the creation of these films George firstly constructs miniature dioramas of an environments. Often these spaces depicted are places George knows intimately.

The raw materials George uses to build these miniature spaces are altered and combined to the point where they echo the feel and visual appearance of their full scale counterparts. These sculptural interpretations are informed by both a visual and tactile perception.

George interprets scenes without a systematic plan, opting instead to allow himself to be led by  his curiosity for the subject. This mode of creation allows forms to arise organically. George describes how for him, this process reinstates an awareness of spaces, who’s apparent fixed state, means that they have become overlooked.

Alongside screenings of the films George has produced between 2018 and 2023, this exhibition at the Tollbooth will showcase the processes, dioramas and model figures from the films.

 George will be running several workshops at the Tolbooth, where groups will be able to create short films using the same techniques used in George’s own creative practice.

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