In Conversation: Michelle Williams Gamaker, Prof Glyn Davis, Dr Catriona McAra and Dr Kulraj Phullar


Tue, 5 March 2024



DCA Meeting Room -

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Cost: Pay What You Can (£0-£8)


Type: Event

Photograph by Ruth Clark.

Join us for an afternoon panel discussion centred around Michelle Williams Gamaker’s work and the cinematic history it responds to. Gamaker’s filmmaking practice is often in dialogue with film history: restaging scenes from Hollywood and British studio films to reveal their politically problematic, imperialist roots. Her work takes shape as fictional activism, retelling narratives and recasting characters so that they may get their revenge. This framework will be explored and expanded upon by Williams Gamaker with guests Prof Glyn Davis, Dr Catriona McAra and Dr Kulraj Phullar, whose research speaks to creative acts of rebellion and queering of narratives.

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