Lawrence Abu Hamdan – After SFX


Sun, 23 June 2024



Barrowlands - 244 Gallowgate, Glasgow G4 0TT

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Cost: Free, booking required.


Type: Event

Design: Tom Joyes

Audio investigator Lawrence Abu Hamdan weaves together urgent political narratives that pivot around acoustic experience and sonic memory. ‘Live Audio Essays’ presents three key live performance works by Abu Hamdan in which sound and politics intersect. Two of the three performances have never previously been performed in the UK.

‘Air Pressure’ (2021), ‘A Thousand White Plastic Chairs’ (2020), and ‘After SFX’ (2018), will each be performed for one night only, each in a different music venue. These performances, delivered by the artist in the form of a monologue or “live audio essay”, present Abu Hamdan’s practice of research and investigative analysis, which is centred around “forensic listening”, auditory evidence and the “ear-witness” as political and legal testimony. Performances feature live percussion and guitar, filmed footage and sound design, with audio conditions enhanced to support careful listening: a conceptual and political tool for the artist.

Performances present narratives and testimonies that detail violence, oppression and aggression, offering strategies for political critique and action. ‘After SFX’ is prompted by Abu Hamdan’s investigations into crimes that are heard but not seen.

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