Outside the box | Andrew Radford


Sat, 22 June 2024 - Fri, 12 July 2024

Wed-Fri 11-5. Sat & Sun 12-4


Upright Gallery - 3 Barclay Terrace

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Cost: Free


Type: Exhibition

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Andrew Radford has doodled, scribbled and collaged since childhood. His main source of inspiration is taken from found and discarded objects – he is often found rummaging through skips, flea markets, junk shops and picking up items as he moves around Edinburgh and further afield. His sought after ‘Found Frame’ series, now entirely in private hands, his ‘Lost and Found’ and ‘Found Objects’ series, were all created from these sources and this exhibition is an continuation of this process.


With his ‘Don’t throw that away’ approach, Radford repurposes packaging destined for landfill or the recycling bin. Each artwork is shaped, coloured and burnished, creating a simplicity, pattern and depth that one wouldn’t immediately expect from the objects in their original state. Although mostly small in scale, when repeated, they display a serious, and yet playful rhythm.


The artworks on show have been created over the years and stored in boxes in Radford’s home. They are now outside the box.


This is Radford’s first public gallery exhibition.

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