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Thu, 28 March 2024



MAKE by Narture Studios - 30 Newmarket St, Ayr KA7 1LP

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Cost: £60


Type: Workshop

A fun and experimental session introducing you to the creation of Photograms and

darkroom practice. Photograms are a cameraless darkroom process where objects are placed on photographic paper allowing you to create abstract photographic compositions

through light and shadow.Popularised in the 1920’s by Dada artist photographer Man Ray and the Constructivist El Lissitzky as a challenge to traditional photography, this graphic

process brings chance and mystery into printmaking.

Led by photographer and educator Mike Stone @_rodinal on Instagram

A great introductin to darkroom working, we’ll familiarise you with the darkroom,

safe lighting & processing equipment. You’ll be instructed in chemical preparation

and taken step by step through the photogram process.

All materials included. We have a range of objects to use but please bring your own

favourite objects, something simple or symbolic. Leaves, feathers and glass objects

work well. The printing paper is 10 x 8 inches so bear this in mind when sizing your


Suitable for all levels of experience

Plan for the Evening:

• Brief history of the photogram

• Introduction to the darkroom

• Introduction to black & white chemistry

• Demonstration of photogram creation and processing

• Coffee

• Hands on creation of your own photograms

• Q&A and showcase of the evening’s images

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processing and darkroom printing.

“What a special evening, I was completely in flow , not thinking of anything else,

incredible!” Monika

“Wonderful , really enjoyed the process and the experience. I’ve learned so much, thank

you” Richard

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