Play With Food! Adult Collage/ Risograph workshop


Sat, 9 March 2024



MAKE by Narture Studios - 30 Newmarket St, Ayr KA7 1LP

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Cost: £40


Type: Workshop

Make textural art prints inspired by food! In this workshop, you will make food-inspired artworks, going straight to the source. You will make abstract marks and patterns with fruit, veggies and other food items, creating collages from these marks, which will result in 2-colour Risograph prints you can take home with you.

This is an engaging and playful workshop, with fun and experimentation at its heart. This session is perfect for those who have made Risograph prints before, as well as complete beginners. You will be guided through the risograph process, from creating separate colour layers to choosing your colours and making the prints.

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