Wed, 4 August 2021 - Fri, 3 September 2021

Exhibition of paintings by Rowena Comrie & Sarah Kudirka


SouthBlock Exhibition and Project Space - South Block 60-64 Osborne Street Glasgow G1 5QH

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Cost: Free


Type: Exhibition

Oil paint on metal tabletop, Sarah Kudirka, 2021

STOP.START. brings together Rowena Comrie’s exuberant ‘alla prima’ paintings and Sarah Kudirka’s ‘trashed canvases’ – bold and colourful paintings made in markedly different ways.

Contemporary painters Rowena Comrie and Sarah Kudirka each bring energy, spontaneity and tenacity to their mature work. Both work in WASPs studios and became friends while elected Council Members of the Society of Scottish Artists.

Comrie’s vivid style has given her an established presence in the Scottish art scene but it is Kudirka’s first gallery show in Scotland since moving to Glasgow.

There is marked contrast in what each does with paint, but there are evident synergies in their approach to bold colour and abstraction. Comrie with her highly-considered brushstrokes and squeegee swipes attains perfect-first-time colours and exquisite balance in her large paintings. Kudirka repeatedly obliterates surfaces already made, layering and removing colours, scratching, scraping and remaking before her images are done.

While neither is solely process-driven, elements of stop.start play a part in the methodology of both. Seen together here for the first time their work may seem to ask: does it change the destination if you have a plan, or not, for getting there?

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