There Is a Single Wild Tree Standing and We Sing Again


Mon, 8 July 2024 - Mon, 12 August 2024

Mon-Fri, 9:30am-5:30pm


The Briggait - 141 Bridgegate, G1 5HZ

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Type: Exhibition

The title of the exhibition, There Is a Single Wild Tree Standing and We Sing Again, is derived from Peter Nadas’s book ‘A Book of Memories’ and his interviews.

The concept is inspired by Nadas’s depiction of a village where, on hot summer nights, the villagers gather under a wild pear tree to converse and sing. This unique form of communication through collective singing imbues their stories with values and norms that deeply connect the people. Under this tree, the village enters a ‘ritualized state,’ fostering a ‘collective consciousness.’ In other words, they share a unified narrative through song, experiencing the moment together. Nadas reflects on this with a sense of longing, stating in an interview, “I still remember how, on warm summer nights, the village used to sing quietly under the big wild pear tree… Today, such trees no longer exist, and the village’s songs have vanished.”

Nadas’s portrayal of a storytelling community characterized by quiet harmony contrasts sharply with today’s information saturated society. We no longer tell stories or ‘sing’ together; instead, we communicate excessively through posting, sharing, and linking. The ‘ritualized gatherings’ that once fostered collective consciousness have given way to the noise of modern communication, which has silenced the ‘song’ that once united the villagers in a shared narrative.

The paintings presented in this show seek to revive the sense of unity and shared storytelling, standing in contrast to the noise of modern communication that has silenced the collective ‘song.’

Sin Park’s paintings incorporate abstract gestures and figurative imagery within a (non)fictional space. Central to her approach is the use of sensory recollections as a pivotal conceptual component, driving an intuitive and improvisational method inherent to her practice. Ephemeral gestures, carried out by her hand, encapsulate an eternal yearning that converges with the present moment. By capturing the intricate and dense layers of landscape and imagination, her work echoes the complexities of her experiences and literary influences. In addition, writing plays a significant role in her creative journey, functioning both as a conduit for elaborating abstract ideas and as calligraphic embellishments within her artworks.

Sin Park is a painter, researcher, and lecturer at Glasgow School of Art. She holds a PhD in Fine Art from the Glasgow School of Art, completed an MA in Painting at the Royal College of Art, and earned a BFA in Painting and a BA in Art History from Ewha Womans University.

Recent solo exhibitions include “Necessary Sequels” at HSBC Space, London (2022-2023), and “Dance with the One Who Brought You” at Patricia Fleming, Glasgow (2021-2022) and has featured in group shows internationally. Park has been awarded the Carol Rhodes Bursary 2023, Hopper Prize 2019, Bath Open Art Prize 2019, Flourish Award 2018, Ashurst Emerging Artist Prize 2018, Winsor & Newton Young Artist Award 2016, and The Lichfield Prize 2016. She completed residencies at Elephant Lab in 2020, Aucart Lab in 2019, Summerhouse Dusseldorf in 2018, and the ARNA residency in Sweden in 2019. Later this August, she will present her work at a group show titled “Frontier: Painting in Scotland” at the Royal Scottish Academy, Edinburgh.

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