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3 Day Still Life Painting Workshop

20 July 2020 until 22 July 2020

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As we find ourselves currently reoriented towards living a more localised life, what can the objects and landscapes in our immediate surroundings offer us as a way of reassessing our values at this time?

This 3-day online course will teach students ways of looking, seeing and depicting objects and their immediate environments, with a renewed sense of visual inquiry and pictorial intrigue. Students will be helped to develop a series of paintings over the course of the week which will push our seemingly ordinary surroundings into the realm of the extraordinary. The course will guide students on how to work from simple still life set-ups and how to work from observation from their homes, gardens, or safely outdoors. We will be searching for surprising, new and unusual approaches to working with our chosen subject matter, framing compositions in unexpected ways and creating ‘portraits’ of objects, food and nature. Students will gain experience of working with the formal elements of colour, form, volume, the reading of space and composition in their paintings.

Alongside the practice of observational drawing, students will also gain skills on how to read drawings and paintings spatially, symbolically and metaphorically. Students will be introduced to a variety of different artists to provide historical contexts for ideas surrounding their work. We will not only be thinking of the formal aspects of representing objects and three-dimensional spaces, but will also examine the metaphorical implications of drawing and painting our immediate surroundings.

Students are welcome to work with oil paint and/ or acrylic paint, and are encouraged to be resourceful with materials that they can access easily. A basic materials list will be emailed to all students in plenty of time before the start of the course.


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Posted by: Ginny Elston

Image by Suzanne Birch

Image by Suzanne Birch