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A Caledonian Decoy

2 February 2017 until 23 February 2017
Intermedia Gallery, Centre for Contemporary Arts

‘A Caledonian Decoy: The Centre for Nature in Cities’, presented by Reiko Goto and Tim Collins, explores lost urban meaning and the lure of remote experience in ancient Scottish forests.

The Caledonian Decoy is a composition of objects and exchanges that interrogate lost and misleading values. Decoys are primarily understood as skilfully crafted objects created to capture wild game, and have been used to set traps and divert attention. As representations of living things, or as imitations or counterfeits of objects of desire decoys have been used to lure and entice others into compromising relationships.

Cultural decoys capture our attention and curiosity. They are autonomous objects that offer a visual and conceptual entanglement in things and meaning. They can most often be found in museums and archives. A cultural decoy is an embodied idea that has a finite form here and now but links to an infinite set of things that occupy a separate historical or spatial context. In this work they refer to the natural generative forms of forests. If fully embraced cultural decoys challenge ideas about the separation between artefact, nature, city and highland forests.

Reiko Goto and Tim Collins are environmental artists, working together since 1985.



Posted by: Susan Mc Ateer