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Alchemy Live

1 May 2020 until 3 May 2020

Alchemy Live is, to begin with, two things. It is the tenth edition of Alchemy Film and Moving Image Festival, the flagship event of Alchemy Film & Arts. And it is the first exclusively digital iteration of said festival: a one-off live stream taking place across three days and bringing the best in international experimental film – curated in Hawick, Scotland’s film town – to the comfort of homes the world over. For free.

Alchemy Live presents 15 film programmes, including ten curated shorts screenings, three new ‘spotlight’ slots, and two features. There will also be at least one DJ set. Each of the programmes will screen once, viewable in real time on our webpage – as in the cinema, or like a riveting, end-of-days news bulletin on an old-fashioned analogue telly.

At Alchemy, we pride ourselves on hospitality, the warmth we extend every year to visiting guests. In digital form, this means taking the many conversations we enjoy each festival – in the Heart of Hawick cinema, at the breakfast table in a guesthouse, over drinks in a beloved cash-only local – to the online spaces we know best: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. We invite discussion from those who have formed lasting attachments to Hawick, those who long to return here, and all the far-flung enthusiasts who’ve never been able to visit. The friends we’ve made, the friends we will make.


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Posted by: Rachael Disbury

Alchemy Live / 1-3 May

Alchemy Live / 1-3 May