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An evening of live performance and discussion with Imogene Newland, Ji Young Kang and Kristin Borgehed

16:00 on 30 April 2015

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Performance 1: 16.00 – 17.00
Live performance with Imogene Newland
and Suk Jun-Kim
@City Moves

Discussion: 19.00 – 20.30
Discussion event with Imogene Newland, Ji Youn Kang
and Kristin Borgehed
@Seventeen Belmont Street

Performance 2: 21.30
Live Performance Ji Youn Kang+ Mei-Yi Lee
@Seventeen Belmont Street

SonADA and SCAN present the opening event to a three day sound art festival: What a Mess! How Interesting

SoNADA are a fledgling experimental music and sound art festival based in the North East. They made an exciting entrance to Aberdeen in October last year with a weekend of sound performances and discussions around creativity in the North. Since then they have been involved with their own hospitality and exchange project, SoNADA in Transit, inviting the hugely interesting Papay Gyro Nights collective to present a stimulating and controversial selection of artists in Peacock Art Gallery and traveling to Orkney to contribute to their 2015 festival.

In collaboration with SCAN and Aberdeen University this second SonADA festival has expanded its programme to include international guests Ji Young Kang + Mei-Yi Lee and the Sheffield based improviser’s orchestra The Noise Upstairs. Alongside guests a range of local talent will be developing new works in a programme of performance, sound, workshops and discussion.

Imogene Newland, interdisciplinary artist, choreographer and creator of contemporary performance will open the festival with a work developed in collaboration with sound artist and SonADA founder Suk-Jun Kim. Speaking to the festival theme the choreographed work will also address Newland’s ongoing concern with the intimate and intensely physical relationship between music and the body.

In the discussion Newland will explore the themes of embodied performance with Aberdeen based folk singer and artist Kristin Borgehed and Ji Youn Kang who describes herself as a performer of true hardcore experimental abstract ritualistic primitive music based in Den Haag, the Netherlands. Whilst Borgehed and Newland’s interests intersect around how people inhabit music, moving in and leaving, as Borgehed says, a footprint and performance style Kang’s pieces are written around Korean traditional music especially ritual and folk, trying to achieve her own musical colors and language. Borgehed and Kang will explore how they draw from very different folk traditions to produce new work. The discussion will be moderated by SCAN curator Caroline Gausden who will invite the artists to consider how these embodied dialogues with tradition work with audiences, teasing out insights into the process of curating sound and performance work.

The event will end with a live performance from Kang who will offer her work CHI. The ancient Chines described CHI as “life force”, and it is frequently translated as “natural energy”. The literal translation of CHI is “breath”, “air” or “gas”. CHI is a series of pieces created by Kang and percussionist Mei Yi Lee. At this concert 4 pieces will be performed by the duo.

This opening event is free but reservation is advisable. Please click the booking link above.

Supported by Creative Scotland, Aberdeen City Council and IDEAS Research Institute, Aberdeen University.


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