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Ancient Deities

10 September 2020 until 18 October 2020
Arusha Gallery, 13A Dundas Street

Old gods never really die; they only wait to be awoken in a new time..

- America Gods, Neil Gaiman

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury | Leo Robinson | Paige Perkins | Byzantia Harlow | Matt Macken | Norman Hyams | Victor Seaward | Lindsey Mendick | Jake Grewal | Lena Brazin | Ella Walker | Tahmina Negmat | Charlotte Edey | Michaela Yearwood-Dan | Jessica Wetherly | Billy Fraser | Alia Hamaoui | Rebecca Harper

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury and Arusha Gallery have called upon eighteen selected artists to invoke, channel and create an ancient deity, which will be presented in a new group exhibition, Ancient Deities, at Arusha Gallery, from 10th September – 18th October 2020.

Presented physically in our Edinburgh gallery, and online via a curated viewing room, Ancient Deities seeks to reawaken a host of awe inspiring and mystical entities, bringing them back to the forefront of people’s minds. Gods and demons are omnipresent in our consciousness, deeply rooted in various mythologies, reinterpreted in mainstream media, films and TV programs abound with reincarnations of the old gods. The show explores what happens when we bring together a melting pot of artistic responses, assisting in this unpredicted time to help channel a reimagining of a world, reawakening the past, responding to the present, and reconceptualising the future.

Ancient Deities seeks inspiration from an old and largely reinterpreted and reimagined world order. Following in the footsteps of other artists who are heralded in today’s contemporary art world as pioneers and visionaries



Posted by: Agnieszka Prendota

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury in her Hackney studio

Rhiannon Rebecca Salisbury in her Hackney studio