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Are Teenage Dreams Hard to Beat?

10:30 on 14 April 2018
Platform Glasgow

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Travelling Gallery presents:

Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat?

Arpita Shah

Alice Theobald

Holly White

We were all young once but how have the dreams and realities of our adolescence changed over the generations? Are Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat?

In the age of the internet and Generation Z we will consider the contrasts of adolescence past and present as comparatively tame, nostalgic teenage magazines are exhibited next to the never-ending click bate of internet culture. Our teenage dreams will be suspended as the exhibition investigates our prolonged adolescence and why ‘teenage’ no longer just refers to the period between the ages of 12 and 20.

Travelling Gallery would like to thank the Museum of Childhood, Edinburgh, for access to and loan from its wonderful collection.