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Art Class: Freedom of Creativity for Kids (Ages 8+)

15 October 2019 until 16 October 2019
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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Let the mind wander! Participants will be encouraged to spend the two days making free hand sketches and paintings utilising everyday objects in a less conventional way. These random tools will be put to a blank canvas and they will be encouraged to let their imaginations run free! We will take the first day to look at other artists who have directed the Expressionist Movement and will use interactive methods to educate and inspire participants; such as blindfold sketching, exercising the memory and abstract methods of drawing.

The second day will be used to put these methods into action on a larger scale, using a mixture of random tools (participants are welcome to bring their own) they will create their own hand-mixed colour palette, then the rest is up to them! We will end the course by putting the final works together to see any similarities they might have; this will give participants an insight into their own unique artistic style.

Learning outcomes:

Exercising and trusting the imagination to guide the artist to make interesting work.

Making images that depict a feeling as opposed to a narrative.

Realising the artistic potential of everyday objects and its effects on an image.

Nurturing confidence in creative instinct.

TUTOR Megan Auld
DAY Tuesday & Wednesday 10am – 3pm
DATES 15 & 16 October
LOCATION Art Studios


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Image courtesy of Megan Auld

Image courtesy of Megan Auld