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Art Class: Paper Kimono Making (Ages 8+)

10:00 on 14 December 2019
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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You will have fun and learn about the kimono, which is a style of gown worn in Japan. You will learn about the very simple structures of the kimono by handling and looking at an actual kimono. You will also learn all about the meanings behind the beautiful Japanese symbols and patterns that are depicted on kimono.

In the first session, we will make the kimono using very strong Japanese paper and then colour them with Japanese ink.

After a lunch break, we will use stencils depicting traditional Japanese symbols to decorate the surface of kimono and wear them!

Within this workshop, participants will:

– be introduced to Japanese traditional costume, kimono.
– be introduced to how to handle and wear kimono.
– learn about a structure of kimono.
– be introduced to a part of Japanese history.
– learn about meanings of Japanese symbolism.
– be introduced to how to work on simple paper stencils.

TUTOR Chie Ishii-McGinness
DAY Saturday 10am – 3pm
DATES 14 December
AGES 8 – 15
LOCATION Art Studios


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Image courtesy of Chie Ishii-McGinness

Image courtesy of Chie Ishii-McGinness