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Becoming and Going // 来来去去(lái lái qù qù)

10 January 2020 until 8 February 2020
Leith School of Art

Scottish artist Ginny Elston presents a series of paintings and objects made during her time working and teaching in China, in a new exhibition ‘Becoming and Going // 来来去去 (lái lái qù qù)’.

Taking New Materialist perspectives, Buddhist Philosophy and Object-Oriented Ontology as theoretical frameworks for her research, Ginny is interested in how certain elements or ideas of an artwork always withdraw, or withhold themselves, from us.

The sacredness of specific Chinese landscapes and the mountain’s symbolic potential become vehicles through which the artist examines concepts of knowledge, truth and reality. Inspired by colourful Shu embroidery patterns and bright, intricate artworks found in Buddhist temples and monasteries, the artist combines different material languages of paint, silk and thread in her works. Through this process, she interweaves notions of belonging, secrecy and accessibility as a stranger in the strange lands of China and Scotland.



Posted by: Ginny Elston

‘3D Print’, polymer clay and ink, 2019

‘3D Print’, polymer clay and ink, 2019