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Botanical Fabric Screen-Printing

10:00 on 14 August 2020
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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TUTOR Martha Orbach
DAY Friday 10am – 4pm
DATES 14 August
LOCATION Art Studios

Create and print your own botanical designs on fabric, drawing inspiration from the gardens at the House for an Art Lover.

Weather permitting, we will start by sketching outdoors then bring our sketches in to the studio to work up in to two colour designs for screen-printing. Creating paper stencils to print on to fabric, t-shirts, totebags – anything you like!

Learning outcomes:

· Introduction to screen printing on textiles

· Introduction to paper-cutting and stencil making

· Introduction to botanical drawing and plant structure.

· Colour mixing and colour separations

· Using colour effectively

*please bring t-shirts, tops or any type of natural fabric that you would like to print on. 100% cotton is a good place to start and avoid synthetics like nylon which do not absorb the inks. Extra blank tote bags will be available to buy at cost price of £1.50



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