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Photography in Print: Panel Discussion

14:00 on 8 February 2020
Edinburgh Printmakers

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In this afternoon lecture, ACTINIC Festival Director and co-curator Brittonie Fletcher will talk about the Photography In Print exhibition at Edinburgh Printmakers in context of the ACTINIC Festival and her own research as an artist and educator. She will also be joined by the exhibiting artists Kristina Chan, Nick Devison & Marysia Lachowicz.

There will be time for a Q&A and informal discussion on the history and continued relevance of analogue photographic technologies afterwards.Photography in Print

In celebration of two popular forms of art, this exhibition re-examines photography and printmaking within contemporary visual arts practice. Each of the works on display demonstrate techniques rooted in processes founded on the discovery and utilisation of ‘actinism.’ Actinic light is defined as that property of ultraviolet light and other radiant energy by which chemical changes are produced. Beyond the technical aspects, thematic connections emerged through the selected pieces of memory, history and sense of place. These works are presented by Scottish-based artists working with processes such as cyanotype, photo-etching, and photolithography.

Brittonie Fletcher

Brittonie Fletcher (MFA) is a British-American artist, educator and curator currently based in Edinburgh, Scotland. Her work of the past decade has focused on connection to place, belonging and community – often tying in politics and the personal. In addition, her research has honed her technical expertise in analogue and hybrid alternative photographic processes, for which she is often sought. She is an active member of Edinburgh LoFi and the Calotype Society.

Brittonie has exhibited internationally and her work has been published with Focal/Rutledge Press and Random House as well as other publications online and in print. Her work can be found in public collections such as the Preus Museum: Norwegian National Museum of Photography and the National Library of Scotland. She has received awards, nominations and fellowships for her work including the 7th Julia Margaret Cameron Award for Women Photographers, a nomination for the Royal Photographic Society’s ’100 Heroines’, an Arctic Circle Fellowship and a recent residency in Orkney sponsored by Highland Park.

Previous teaching appointments have included the Royal College of Art as Media Instructor and Study Abroad teaching for Maryland College of Art and Missouri University. She is faculty at Stills Centre for Photography in Edinburgh and the Penumbra Foundation in New York, USA. Her curatorial work includes director of ACTINIC Festival, Juriour for the Art of Research with Imperial Innovations and the Wellcome Trust, and up-coming exhibition ‘Photography In Print’ at Edinburgh Printmakers Jan – March 2020