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'Caesura' Briggs & Cole, Raydale Dower and Heaven Baek

22 March 2014 until 5 May 2014
Reid Gallery, The Glasgow School of Art

The inaugural public exhibition in the Reid Gallery features specially commissioned furniture, a sound installation and video work by four GSA graduates Briggs & Cole (Jane Briggs Product Design Graduate 1999 & Christy Cole MFA Graduate 2006, live and work in Glasgow), Raydale Dower (GSA Sound and Moving Image graduate 2010, lives and works in Glasgow) and Heaven Baek (GSA MFA graduate 2009, lives and works in Seoul, South Korea).

All have made new work to respond to the architecture of the space and this point in the GSA’s 170 year history. Steven Holl Architects’ buildings have often been inspired by the connection between architecture, music and poetry. A ‘caesura’ (pronounced ‘say-sura’) denotes a brief, silent pause in poetry or music, during which metrical time is not counted. As the new Reid Building welcomes people and springs into life, occupied by its community, visited by the public, this inaugural exhibition is intended to act as a ‘caesura’. It is a pause in time, the beginning of a new chapter for the art school.

This exhibition is part of Glasgow International Festival of Visual Art’s Included Programme