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Casper White: And We Danced

12 April 2019 until 5 May 2019
Arusha Gallery

Exhibition opening (free): Thursday 11 April, 6-8pm

Award-winning painter Casper White will present a new collection of portraits on zinc or aluminium. Casper recently won the prestigious BP Portrait Travel Award for his portraiture work about music fans in clubs and concert venues in Berlin and Mallorca. His paintings range from powerful portraits on metal to softer scenes on paper, showing sitters lost in the moment and euphoria of dancing and music.

Casper’s work was previously exhibited in the BP Portrait Award 2018 exhibition at London’s National Gallery and Edinburgh’s Scottish National Portrait Gallery.

Starting with sketches made in situ to capture gestures and mood, White built on the works in his studio where he recreated a club environment of disco lights and music. The captivating paintings represent a subculture, often youth-related, that is not traditionally recorded in portrait paintings.

Casper White graduated from the Cardiff School of Art and Design. He lives and works in Cardiff.


Find out more about Casper White's work on Arusha Gallery's website


Posted by: Agnieszka Prendota

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