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Conductive Screen-printing – Interactive Sculpture with Jennifer Sykes

17 April 2019 until 24 April 2019

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Conductive Screen-printing – Interactive Sculpture with Jennifer Sykes

Wednesdays | 1800 – 2030

17th & 24th April


Through utilising ink that can conduct electricity you will explore exciting possibilities for combining the visual, tangible and electronic. With the application of some creative software, a block of ink can be made to behave like a sensor, and thus used to sense human touch. Throughout this workshop you will create your own screen-printed graphic which will drive various creative forms such as sound, colour and shape.

Conductive Screen-Printing is part of a series of courses designed to give an introduction to making interactive artworks. Other courses in this programme include:

Making Things Move

Reading Into Objects

Motion Triggers

You can book onto each course in the programme if you’re looking for a more comprehensive overview or you can pick and choose the sessions that sound most interesting to you! If you have any questions please do get in touch with us!