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Constructions of Landscape, Work in Progress 3

1 February 2014 until 6 April 2014

The Work in Progress series presents the photography of artists working for sustained periods with Stills’ production facilities and residency programmes in order to raise awareness of the caliber of their works and to encourage their collection. The works in this exhibition employ techniques of refraction, juxtaposition, montage and alternative photographic processes which challenge the viewer to read multiple images at one time.

Through the photographic process of cyanotype, the works of Sam Dransfield are created during travel for extended periods of time to create objects which retain temporal traces of their own journey. These themes are further explored by Ryan Gibson who’s montage images combine diverse visual styles of representation within extended historical periods. Paolo Monti’s series ‘99% Human’ initially appears to depict the familiar narrative of the primate species in their natural habitat, yet further examination of the content of the images subtly reveals a much more complex and concerning reality. During a visit to Beijing, China, Aleksandra Zawada initially undertook her series ‘Green Book’ as a casual passer-by noting the sublime qualities of the everyday urban landscape abutting the highways and byways and only on reflection realised their resonance with the works of influential post-impressionist painter Henri Rousseau.

In each of these works, the artists experiment with our assumptions of the language of photography and the highly potent subject of landscape and environment to offer us new readings of the work around us.

Sam Dransfield (1989, UK); Ryan Gibson (1988, UK); Paolo Monti (1987, Italy); Aleksandra Zawada (1982, Poland)