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'Consuming Culture' dining event

19:00 on 17 April 2014
The Pipe Factory

‘Consuming Culture’
Thursday 17 April
7 for 7.30 until late
The Pipe Factory
RSVP essential as space limited: [email protected]

A culinary collaboration, curated by Alexandra Ross as part of the Bricolage programme. Creating spaces for critical conviviality to occur runs at the heart of Alexandra’s practice. The perennial host, she brings people together due to a compulsion to cook, converse and record.

All hands on deck. Chop, sauté and present your dishes to the other guests. Please bring the constituent ingredients to make a dish that triggers memories of times abroad, or gifts received as a cultural tourist. An opportunity to exchange food and stories. Discussion around ethics, sustainability, hospitality and reciprocity are all tabled for discussion.

Food can conjure images, arouse, mend social wounds and build bridges of friendship. When we travel, dining is an integral part of entering into and understanding cultures new and being accepted into the tribe. For an evening during Glasgow International, guests will bring ingredients to cook, present and share dishes once experienced abroad at events relating to work or in the pursuit of cultural tourism. Be it in Venice, Tokyo, Berlin, Glasgow, Johannesburg, London, or New Orleans, art fairs, biennials and artist residencies abound and as such they are nodes of cultural tourism. Not surprisingly, they are also melting pots for cuisine and conversation around the dining table.

International travel may broaden the mind and create new connections both socially and professionally, but what are the considerations? Is such globe-trotting economically or environmentally sustainable? You do not have to be an excellent chef to participate, but a gourmand you should be. Collaboration encouraged.

This is an open event, but if you would like to attend, please bring food to cook and any unusual equipment that you foresee will be needed to assemble the dish. And please do BYOB, food is all the better served with lubrication.

Places limited, please RSVP to:
[email protected]



Posted by: Alexandra Ross

Cosuming Culture Dining Event, April 17th, The Pipe Factory

Cosuming Culture Dining Event, April 17th, The Pipe Factory