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Conversation between David Blyth, Petra Tjitske Kalshoven and Alana Jelinek

14:00 on 13 December 2014
Aberdeen Art Gallery

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This first event in a series of three brings together artist David Blyth with social anthropologist Petra Tjitske Kalshoven and artist Alana Jelinek.

David Blyth’s current exhibition Strange Attractor, on show at the Georgina Scott Sutherland learning centre, RGU, draws on themes of totem and the fetish to examine the ambiguity of human animal relations. Through a sustained examination of the craft skills of taxidermy the exhibition seeks to breath new life into the taxidermy specimen by imagining new ways of understanding their ‘being’ in the world.

Blyth will speak to social anthropologist Petra Tjitske Kalshoven exploring her research into different genealogies of knowledge and London based artist Alana Jelinek who has just completed a residency in Cambridge Museum of Archeology and Anthropology which produced the site specific intervention and stand alone art work ‘The Forks Tale’. All three speakers will present on their work entering into conversation with each other around the intersections of their practices before opening the discussion up to incorporate feelings and observations from the room.

This series of events aims to open up a conversation with innovative practice in the area, acknowledging the particular geography of the northeast as something layered, with multiple narratives that are not always in plain view. Opening with insight into the oft hidden working practices of Aberdeenshire based artist David Blyth the series will look at the ethics of meeting with others from a number of artistic and curatorial perspectives. Through the lens of hospitality discussions will try to rethink precarious positions, the ethics of care in the curatorial and questions of public and private spaces as they relate to the infrastructures of the city and surrounding landscape.

For further reading please click the link below to view curator Caroline Gaudsen’s new article, ‘Creativity on the North East’, which provides deeper insight into the themes of hospitality and place.

These events are programmed in partnership with SCAN, Grays School of Art (IDEAS Institute, Robert Gordon University) and supported by Aberdeen City Council and Creative Scotland.

Prior to the main event SCAN will host an informal meeting (at 1pm) for current members and anyone interested in finding out more about the SCAN network (

Please book your tickets via the link above.

Access: This venue is suitable for those using a wheelchair.


Article: Creativity in the North East


Image From Strange Attractor exhibition courtesy of David Blyth

Image From Strange Attractor exhibition courtesy of David Blyth