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Creative Photography

25 February 2020 until 31 March 2020
Studio Pavilion at House for an Art Lover

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TUTOR Jess Holdengarde
DAY Tuesday 6 – 9pm
DATES 25 February – 31 March (6 weeks)
PRICE £120
LOCATION Art Studios

This course is for individuals who already feel comfortable with their cameras and would like to explore a more creative side to digital photography. Participants will explore creative digital photography by experimenting with new techniques; creating abstract images that go beyond the perfect still image. We will be exploring double and multiple exposures, photo collage and montage, how to create the illusion of motion and movement, working with the “imperfect image”, exploring black and white digital photography and creating digital pinhole cameras. The course is recommended to those who have already completed the DSLR Beginners Course.

What You’ll Need –
DSLR camera
memory/SD card
Tripod (not necessary but suggested)
Speed Light/external flash (not necessary but bring along if you do have)



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