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Duncan Marquiss: Texture Map

4 October 2019 until 21 December 2019
Platform, Easterhouse

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Texture Map is a new exhibition by Glasgow based artist Duncan Marquiss, featuring drawing, print and video. Many of these works explore Duncan’s recurring interest in the fuzzy boundary between the natural and the artificial, and reflect on the urban and rural landscapes surrounding Platform.

In literal terms, a texture map is a layer that is applied to the surfaces of objects in digital imagery, as a veneer to simulate natural materials. The drawings that Duncan creates play on what textures can mean to us, considering how ‘organically’ worn textures are often used to signify authenticity or experience – like pre-distressed clothing that mimic material memories. Many of the drawings refer to found images that the artist collects, making connections and associations through visual mind-maps.

The title of the exhibition also refers to uncertain geographies, this notion is explored in the videos, which feature images shot in the environment around Easterhouse; from the marshes at Bishop Loch to the motorway seen from the bridge behind the Fort Shopping Centre. These places are liminal zones between urban and rural areas, considering Platform’s location on the edge of Glasgow where it’s hard to see where the city stops and the countryside begins.

Duncan’s monochromatic screen-prints on canvas feature photographs of plastic mesh bags that are used as packaging for fruit and vegetables. This mundane material is reshaped to suggest topographical maps, patterned networks and rhythmic latices with optical effects.

The exhibition is free.