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Edge Effects: Reading Group

26 January 2018 until 27 January 2018
Scottish Sculpture Workshop

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Public Talk: Friday 26 January, 7pm / Reading Group: Saturday 27 January 12.30pm

Barry Sykes is an artist based in London. For his Artist Talk, scheduled to coincide with his Edge Effects Reading Group on Saturday, Barry will use the context at SSW to examine his recent and current projects in relation to ideas of Hermits, retreating, escape and detachment. How artist and audience navigate the dramatic shifts between isolation and engagement when presenting or understanding work and ideas.

Barry’s artwork is about awkwardness, absurdity, authenticity and intimacy, with recent projects involving Laughter Yoga, West End Theatre, Pitman Shorthand and Naturism. His varied practice develops in response to the context of its making, whether in the isolation of the studio or immersed in conversation with a particular person, place or process. Adapting, subverting or misunderstanding deliberately basic or frugal handmade and digital techniques to trace a line around inappropriate or overlooked behaviour. Although rooted in sculpture, making and the object this open-ended approach has also incorporated performance, forgery, karaoke, astronomy, PowerPoint lectures, feedback forms and experimental photography.

For Saturday’s reading group Barry has selected two short extracts from Anthony Storr’s ‘Solitude’ (1997) from the Edge Effects Library, to be examined together using the ‘Close Reading’ technique. These will then be contrasted with the example of the North Pond Hermit, a recently discovered recluse of 27 years, introduced by two readings by Barry from Michael Finkel’s ‘The Stranger in The Woods’ (2017).

This will be followed by one of Barry’s Sauna Reading Groups. After the main session held in the library there will be a post-discussion around the same (laminated) texts in the SSW sauna directly afterwards. This sauna element is entirely optional.

Link to Reading Text
Link available through the SSW website link.

Booking Inforfmation
Public Talk: No booking required for the public talk but please contact us in advance for large groups.
Reading Group: The reading group is limited to 12 participants with only 6 spaces available for public booking so please book in advance, to book please contact [email protected]



Posted by: Jenny Salmean

Barry Sykes, Hermits Unite

Barry Sykes, Hermits Unite