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Energy Objects In-Conversation: Hannah Imlach, Dr Lila Matsumoto & Dr Alexandra Campbell

14:00 on 10 August 2019
The Worm

You are invited to join a conversation on sculpture, poetry and energy cultures with visual artist Hannah Imlach, her long-time collaborator poet and researcher Dr Lila Matsumoto and Dr Alexandra Campbell, whose research considers the ecologies and poetics of the sea. The conversation will begin with a series of short presentations within the exhibition space reflecting on the challenges and opportunities of making artwork in response to renewable energy transition.

Hannah Imlach is a visual artist based in Glasgow working predominantly in sculpture and photography. Her practice is informed by environmental research with a particular focus on sites of environmental conservation and renewable energy transition.

Lila Matsumoto is a poet and lecturer in creative writing at the University of Nottingham. Her practice-led research focuses on the points of contact, historical and potential, between literary practice and visual arts. Her collection of poetry is Urn & Drum (Shearsman).

Alexandra Campbell is a Fellow in English Literature at the University of Edinburgh. She is particularly interested in ecologies and poetries of the sea. She is currently working on her first book project titled ‘Hydropoetics’ which examines the relationships between experimental poetics, environmental justice and oceanic decline in contemporary world literature.