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Evoking Change by Jenny Pope

6 July 2020 until 17 July 2020
Upright gallery

Jenny Pope’s current work is a collection of objects exploring psychological change. She combines old objects, with layers of meaning and past uses, as a metaphor for the layers of past experiences and influences that have shaped us as people. The tools have both a handheld part, a connection with the body, and a business end; to cut, measure, form, gather, press, pull, comb or scrape. People are inherently ‘doers’ and these tools are an attempt to do something when actually the process of change sometimes requires more of a ‘being with’.

Jenny Pope is a visual artist producing a range of work from small delicate objects to large-scale sculptural pieces. She is intrigued by the physicality of materials, making processes and the meaning of objects.

At the core of her working practice is experimentation with the limits and possibilities of materials such as porcelain, found objects, felt, ink and paper. She uses the analogy of weathering of objects to suggest the uncertainty and changes we all face as human beings.

Her explorations suggest links between archaeology, taxonomy and psychology as she examines the intuitive/primitive use of found objects as contemporary worry beads or contemplative talismans.

She has a studio at WASPS in Albion Road, Edinburgh. She trained at Edinburgh College of Art, gaining a BA in Ceramics and then graduating in 2005 with an MA in Sculpture. She exhibits mainly in the UK and has won professional development awards. She regularly exhibits with SSA and VAS, where she is a professional member. She has recently been elected to the Royal British Society of Sculptors, in London.

She divides her time between practicing artist and mental health and wellbeing work and is currently a Life Coach.


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