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Exhibition: Angus Wolf - Test Cards / Mouthful Modernism

1 February 2019 until 1 March 2019
The Briggait

Wasps and the Briggait are pleased to present an exhibition in two parts by Glasgow-based artist, Angus Wolf. The artist has produced two new bodies of work that continue his examination of the relationship between Fine Art and craftsmanship.

Taking influence from Richard Sennet’s The Craftsman, the art/craft dichotomy is examined from the position that craftsmanship is poorly understood if reductively defined merely as manual skill applied to particular materials, and is better defined as the act of doing a job well for its own sake. Wolf’s practice looks to make comparisons between art history and non-traditional crafts, in the case of this exhibition, between high-end cookery and television engineering.

By looking at two particular moments in which the histories of art and craft meet, Wolf intends to critique the cultural binary of art vs craft, their assumed hierarchical relationship, and to question various associated biases. Furthermore, by illustrating the mimicry of art historical tropes, we are asked to question the legitimacy and legacy of certain art history narratives and are given an alternative history to consider.

Exhibition Preview: Friday 1st February, 5-8pm

Exhibition continues: 4th February – 1st March
Mon – Fri, 9.30 – 5.30