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Exhibition: Clementine Drake - Recent work: Balanced Enigmas

18:00 on 7 February 2019
Patriothall Gallery

Wasps studios and Patriothall Gallery are delighted to present Balanced Enigmas, an exhibition of recent work from Clementine Drake.

Human discovery is ever more enigmatic, the riddle of the universe, the mystery of the ocean floor and internal workings of the human body. Eventually all will have a logical explanation, or balanced solution. This work is attempting to give some form to that ongoing conundrum. Art, it could be argued, for centuries depicted people, places, events. Now, we have to delve deeper into the imagination just as physicists have to project theory further, space exploration go way beyond the visual and ocean depths plumbed way below vision. What might they find..

Exhibition Preview: Thursday 7th February, 6-8pm

Exhibition continues: 8th – 22nd February
Mon – Sun, 9-5