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Exhibition: Katrina Cowling - Propelling Her Shiny Vehicle

18:00 on 8 March 2019
The Briggait

Wasps and The Briggait are delighted to present ‘Propelling Her Shiny Vehicle’, a solo exhibition from Katrina Cowling taking place in the Briggait 1873 hall.

A continued investigation into the poetics of the automobile as emblematic of modern life and late capitalism; speed, leisure, status signifier, mass production, engineering, perceived freedom, drama, possibility and adventure. The vehicle is a recurrent motif throughout Cowling’s work; graceful lines, stylised postures and luxury interiors are fragmented and distorted, evoking a collision or a crash and a hint of a retro futuristic landscape. The body and its gestures are often alluded to through form, scale and colour; car body parts, hard shoulders and disembodied limbs instil a gentle animism into the objects.

Negotiating between the contemporary urban and natural landscape; gleaming car showrooms, the monolithic shopping centre and homogenous retail parks are as much a source of stimuli as the romanticised expanse of a horizon-less desert. Polarised spatial languages are combined and integrated in these intermediary spaces, an intimate meditation on our complex and shifting landscapes. Through meticulous engagement with form, process and detail, Cowling has developed a personal, poetic and gently surreal vocabulary. Indeterminable and delicate sculptural landscapes are littered with relic-like objects; the organic and sensual abutting against the cold hard lines of post-modernism, creating precarious and atmospheric installations which speak of alienation, dislocation, ritual and place.

Exhibition Preview: Friday 8th March, 6-8pm

Exhibition runs: 11th – 26th March
Mon – Fri, 9.30 – 5.30

Katrina Cowling lives in Bradford and works in Wakefield. She graduated from Falmouth University with a First Class BA (Hons) in Fine Art where she received The Wilhelmina Barns-Graham Degree Show Award. In 2012 she also won the Denis Mitchell Sculpture Award. Selected recent exhibitions include: ‘Prop me Up’, Bankley Gallery, Manchester (2018), ‘EBC020’, East Bristol Contemporary, Bristol (2018), ‘Fidelity Flop’, Lily Ackroyd-Willoughby x Katrina Cowling (Duo show), Near Source, STCFTHOTS, Leeds (2017), ‘Pale Lithics’ (Solo show) Henderson Gallery, Nottingham (2017), ‘Suite Life, Room 210’ – Hybrid Art Fair, Madrid, Spain (2017), ‘Ny Space #4’, Ny Space, Manchester (2016) ‘LAME Journal opening’, SERF, Leeds (2016), ‘The Manchester Contemporary 2016’, Old Granada Studios, Manchester (2016), ‘On To The Next’, The Royal Standard, Liverpool (2016)