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25 July 2019 until 27 October 2019

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EXIT – 100 DAYS OF KHAOS! is my latest major solo exhibition at Summerhall in Edinburgh.
Its theme is drawn from the confusion and chaos surrounding Brexit. This began as a new media project on Instagram ( where I posted an image and a short commentary every day for 100 days leading up to the original EU departure deadline of March 29. This led to an invitation to exhibit a larger body of work which includes a large pastel frieze almost seven metres in length, a series of charcoal studies, printmaking and other related pieces of work, as well as film animations, created in collaboration with Canadian film animator Georges-Eloi Thibault, who is currently in residence at my Loch Ness studios.
This exhibition, in the War Memorial Library room at Summerhall, Edinburgh’s premier arts venue, is a sequel to my earlier murals on the subject of the questionable background and misuse of personal data to manipulate both the Trump and Brexit campaigns. The murals are now on permanent display at Summerhall.


Jane Frere Summerhall exhibition


Detail from the 7m long pastel frieze Pity the Nation

Detail from the 7m long pastel frieze Pity the Nation