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FIELDWORK – International Summer School 2015

8 July 2015 until 11 July 2015
Hospitalfield House

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FIELDWORK International Summer School 2015 – Talking About Influence
Programmed with Pavel Büchler

8 – 11 July 2015, Hospitalfield, Arbroath, UK

A programme of conversations, talks and workshops thinking through the relationships between education and influence.

The summer school will include contributions from Ami Barak, Penelope Curtis, Bik Van der Pol and Pavel Büchler, among others, to discuss the significance of peer groups, visitors, exploration and institutions when considering influence.

What can an art school be at this time when there are no privileged ways of making art? What can we learn from each other when there are as many models of practice as there are artists? How can we recover the art school as an open social space where we can do something together while each of us is doing something different?

Wednesday 8 July

4pm: arrivals to campsite

5.30pm: registration and welcome

Evening: Ami Barak in-conversation with Pavel Buchler

Thursday 9 July

Morning: short presentations

Afternoon: workshop and field trip sessions

Evening: Bik Van der Pol evening event

Friday 10 July

Morning: short presentations

Afternoon: workshop and field trip sessions

Evening: Penelope Curtis in-conversation with Pavel Buchler

Sunday 11 July

Conclusion of summer school at breakfast

More details of schedule available soon.

We will hear from the speakers and take part in the discussions throughout the 2 1⁄2 days.
The events will take place throughout Hospitalfield House, grounds & the surrounding landscape. Please bring clothes suitable for outside.
Please bring good walking shoes.
Please bring cosy socks as we will have our shoes off in the house.
Arbroath has a bit of a micro climate so often dry and sunny but there is a chance of rain of course.

Arbroath rail station is on the main line north from London / Glasgow/ Edinburgh to Aberdeen. Hospitalfield House is 25 minutes walk from the rail station (5 minute taxi ride).
The 39 bus runs from Dundee city centre to the end of our driveway (40 mins).
Our address is Hospitalfield House, Westway, Arbroath, DD11 2NH.
There is some space for car parking at the front of the house.
Get in touch with [email protected] if you need more info. is useful (use postcode).

We are offering camping spaces in Hospitalfield’s beautiful grassy greens.
Please bring your own tent.
A torch will be helpful but it’s light most of the time at the moment!
There are normal toilets and washing facilities available in the house & studios.
An outdoor shower will be installed. Natural soaps and shampoo will be provided.
Please bring towels.
We understand that some people will want to stay in local B&Bs: List on Visit Scotland’s site…

Rod Linton Hospitalfield’s chef will be providing delicious food for FIELDWORK.
Rod loves working with local produce. A lot of the food will be vegetarian.
Please tell us in advance if you have any specific allergies so we can try to accommodate you. We will have bottles of beer and lovely wine available for reasonable prices.
Bring your own drams for round the campfire.
Hospitalfield House: 01241 656 124
Reid’s Taxi: 01241 873 212 Abbey Taxi: 01241 877 777