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FIELDWORK International Summer School 2016

4 July 2016 until 6 July 2016
Hospitalfield House

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Programmed with artist Bisan Abu Eisheh

Not Every Tent is the Same is the title of Fieldwork International Summer School 2016 at Hospitalfield. The use of the Tent as a theme provides us with a potent image that bears many and various different associations. The programme draws upon the work of artists whose practice is a vehicle for their investigation of socio-political daily matters and has been devised by Hospitalfield with Guest Artist Bisan Abu Eisheh.

Not Every Tent is the Same is a quote from Um Saad (Mother of Saad), a novel written by the late Palestinian writer Ghassan Kanafani, who was killed in Beirut 1972 by the Israeli Mossad. When Um Saad said to her son “Not every tent is the same” she was referring to the similarities and differences between two states. One is the passive state of waiting and hoping, which conjures up an image of a refugee under a makeshift structure; the other, more active state, is about replacing waiting with taking initiative, resisting the difficult circumstances or the status quo.

The immediate image of a tent is of flexibility and mobility; a light weight, convenient, portable shelter. There are other more metaphorical uses of this image: a gathering of people under canvas; likeminded, choosing to be together in a hospitable place; another is of a crowded, fragile, cloth, make-shift shelter, vainly straining to provide protection. There is a conflict of association with this simple everyday image, from desperate tragedy to the romantic.

Not Every Tent is the Same is a programme over three days that aims to investigate the diverse roles of art practices in relation to our socio-political daily matters. Those contributing to the programme will elaborate on cultural and artistic practices, which are investigating issues such as: migration & refuge, injustice & the insidious acceptance of stereotypes. The programme aims to highlight some of the ways that art and its processes engage with, activate and negotiate many different states; identities, geographies and conditions.

Not Every Tent is the Same will include contributions from different geographies and backgrounds, such as the artist Michael Rakowitz, the artist Neil Cummings and the curator Andrea Thal and her team at CIC Cairo, who will generously share their expertise on a personal and professional level with the rest of the participants. Kirsteen Macdonald and Curatorial Studio will be taking an active part in opening up and propelling wider discussion during the summer school.

The programme will take place mostly at Hospitalfield and will offer the opportunity for participants to attend talks, screenings, workshops, walks and performances. There is a lot of attention given to the planning of hosting and catering for such a large number visiting Hospitalfield for these annual events. We have accommodation for some to stay in the house but otherwise we expect people to bring a tent or other mobile shelter.

The summer schools programme runs from late afternoon on Monday 4 July until late evening on Wednesday 6 July.
Tickets cost £75 which includes the programme, all meals and a camping places (bring a tent).

More info and booking links on our website.