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Getting to Grips with Colour in Oils: Painting Workshop

1 February 2020 until 2 February 2020
Moray Art Centre

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Workshop Brief:

This two-day workshop will enable students to confidently approach colour in wet-on-wet oil painting, through completing a series of colourful paintings from a studio set up. The workshop will be structured around short painting practices that relate to colour mixing, theory and paint application.

Though some prior painting experience is preferred, it is not essential.

All necessary materials will be provided and light lunches and refreshments will be available. Please notify the Moray Art Centre at time of booking if you have any dietary requirements.

About The Course:

Through the deep observation and careful response to colours, we can make sense of the ways we can use oil paint to approach colour. Students will be shown the importance of asserting a colour’s tone, hue, temperature and saturation in relation to those around it when building up a painting.

The morning of the first day will begin with looking at images relating to colour theory and inspiring still life paintings by a select group of artists, such as Josef Albers, Paula Modersohn Becker, Henri Matisse and Natalia Goncharova. We’ll then have a group colour mixing session, where the basics on preparing a palette, introductions to colours, basic colour theories and information about the paints we are using will be demonstrated. Students will create small colour studies of the set up throughout the day, and begin an underpainting of a larger canvas using complementary colours.

The second day will consist in building on our paintings from the day before, returning to the original colours of our set up. This will build on the complementary colour practice from the day before, and will enable students to build up a resolved colour study. There will be a final critique and summing up of the workshop at the end of the day.


Posted by: Ginny Elston