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Glasgow Green Tease: Performance & Ecology

25 June 2015 until 4 June 2015
Royal Conservatoire of Scotland

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Join us for our next Glasgow Green Tease for tea, biscuits and the sharing of ideas around the arts and sustainability community of practice.

“Feeling part of this life is a first step to wanting to sustain it.”

Join us for our next Glasgow Green Tease with performance artist and director of UNIFX Festival, Paul Michael Henry. With UNFIX festival of performance and ecology taking place at CCA from 10th – 12th July, we’re taking this opportunity to hear from Paul about the festival and learn about his interests in personal identity and ‘selfing’ which has shaped this year’s festival programme.

UNFIX Festival is oriented around performance and physicality, the language we use to describe ourselves and the world, and how that language imprisons us in a small concept of self that neither accords with the facts of existence nor makes us feel happy and at home in the world.

We’ll also be taking the opportunity to discuss how UNFIX Festival might contribute to the ArtCOP Scotland project in December this year.

As always we’ll have tea and biscuits waiting for you an arrival. All welcome!
Please contact [email protected] if you have any questions.



Posted by: Gemma Lawrence