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Gordon Douglas, Black Box Take Stock in Aberdeen

10:00 on 10 October 2018
Aberdeen Treasure Hub

Join Travelling Gallery at Aberdeen Treasure Hub for our Autumn 2018 exhibition, Black Box Take Stock by Gordon Douglas.

Black Box Take Stock is an exhibition by performance artist Gordon Douglas that focuses on the performativity of Travelling Gallery in its 40th Birthday year. Gordon has worked closely with birthday-gram Mike Collins AKA ‘The Wandering Minstrel’ towards a series of performances of personalised birthday messages in the unseen sites on Travelling Gallery’s tour. A video documenting these performances was recorded through the reversing camera of the bus, essentially transforming the whole bus into an oversized video recorder. Each subtle manoeuvre of the HGV acts as a choreographed series of tracking shots, with the driver taking on the role of cameraperson. In Travelling Gallery’s 40th year, we ask how sustainable is the ‘act of institution’, and how can the literal mechanics of the gallery become a vehicle for talking about this?