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Green Tease: Creativity, Climate Change and Community

14:00 on 19 August 2017
Macphail Centre, Mill Street

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Working in collaboration with Creative Carbon Scotland, An Talla Solais, as part of our summer exhibition, Murmur: Artists Reflect on Climate Change, is hosting a Green Tease event in Ullapool. We are really delighted to be able to offer this event.

Green Tease is an ongoing informal events programme working across Scotland to connect creative practitioners, cultural organisations, community groups, environmental organisations, sustainability researchers and experts, planners and policy makers. In short, everyone is welcome!

Ullapool Green Tease is an opportunity to reflect on creativity, climate change and community resilience. It includes a brief introduction by the curator of ATS’s summer exhibition Murmur, Jonathan Baxter; a presentation by one of the exhibiting artists, Sarah Gittins, who will share thoughts about her experience of a recent research residency in Ullapool exploring low impact fishing practices; a joint presentation by Anna Reid, shadow curator intern, and Lindy Young, gardener in residence with Deveron Project’s The Town is the Garden initiative, and reflections from Topher Dawson, local environmentalist and pioneer of sustainable living, concerning the relationship between climate change and community resilience.

As well as these short presentations there will be plenty of opportunity to contribute to the discussion. We’ll be exploring Stephen Sterling’s provocation that ‘we need to “see” differently, if we are to know and act differently’. What this means for Ullapool and the wider region will be at the heart of our exploration. You may have other questions. If so, Ullapool Green Tease is the event for you.

Note: as part of Ullapool Green Tease participants are encouraged to visit the Murmur exhibition prior to the event. ATS staff and an exhibiting artist will be on hand to talk to you about the exhibition on the morning of 19th August.

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This is a free event. Tea, cake and seaweed provided. Venue: the Macphail Centre, Ullapool High School, Mill Street Ullapool. Please email [email protected] if you have any queries.


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