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Exhibition: Hannah Imlach - Energy Objects

9 August 2019 until 14 September 2019
The Worm

Energy Objects draws together three sculptural projects by the visual artist Hannah Imlach which consider the context and aesthetics of renewable energy infrastructure. Imlach’s fascination with energy transition, particularly community-initiated projects, began with a residency on the off-grid Isle of Eigg in 2015. This exhibition brings together her sculptural, photographic and print works on this subject, alongside a newly commissioned sculpture series created in association with Aberdeen Community Energy and Peacock Visual Arts, supported by the Royal Scottish Academy.

The sculptures in the exhibition draw on the social and environmental histories of energy sites, namely Eigg’s hydroelectric scheme, the (now uninhabited) Monach Isles off the West coast of North Uist, and the banks of the River Don in Aberdeen. The pieces are inspired by natural forms, such as the logarithmic spiral of shells collected on Laig beach (Eigg); early technologies, such as the rotary quern stones carved at Clach Brathneach (Monach Isles); and current infrastructure, such as Donside community’s recently installed Archimedes’ screw (Aberdeen). The sculptures are kinetic, and participatory, intended to be carried, assembled and/or ploughed through the water.