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Highland artist to feature in the first National Festival of Making in May

6 May 2017 until 7 May 2017

Robyn Woolston and MGS Plastics have worked together to create ‘REVOLUTION’ (2017) – 29 Northgate, Blackburn: Family histories run parallel with the evolution of manufacturing and unseen waste as a bi-product of industrial fabrication within a vast new, immersive installation using thousands of pieces of injection moulded plastic waste from manufacturer, MGS Technical Plastics. Using mis-moulds, ‘sprue’, a piece of excess plastic removed from an injection moulded part, and ‘purge’, molten plastic forced from an injection moulding machine at the end of a colour run, Woolston’s installation works ambitiously in colour, form and scale to assist viewers’ comprehension of the nature and scale of the waste produced through industrial manufacturing, alongside revealing design, fabrication and moulding processes. Every piece of plastic used within the work will be re-ground and re-used by the manufacturing team at a later date.
The first Industrial Revolution is referenced against the context of the current fourth Industrial Revolution in an accompanying moving image work by Robyn Woolston. As her father worked in plastic injection moulding his entire life, Woolston connected with strong intergenerational narratives emerging through interviews with employees with similar histories, producing a film that not only draws on the personal reflections of employees, but evidence of Lancashire’s manufacturing histories through explorations along the Leeds and Liverpool Canal and investigations into local archives.


Festival of Making


Posted by: Robyn Woolston

Art in Manufacturing residency research

Art in Manufacturing residency research