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Hito’s Forest, ‘A Thing like You and Me’

26 July 2018 until 26 August 2018
101 Henderson Row

26 July – 26 August 2018

101 is pleased to present a solo exhibition by the British/Canadian artist Salli Yule-Tsingas. The work is an ongoing process of linking playful but experimental international exhibitions under the structure of the subtitle, The Unfinished Guard Series. The work engages with the futility of objects and consumerism, it endeavours to give discarded objects loaded with social and historical significance, but excluded from commodity circulation, a temporary but distinctive new life.

An immersive installation of bamboo poles from a school of trapeze artists will transform the space into a new kind of forest, where discarded objects will temporarily mutate in this fantastical labyrinth as newly born Frankensteins. Scottish Encyclopaedias from the 1800’s found on the streets of the Barras in Glasgow, discarded objects, some with the scars of history apparent, photocopies, data files and a memento of ‘Dolly’, the cloned sheep. Through chance, failure and uncanny pairings the exhibition will evolve and change during the festival. The playful shape shifting nature of the exhibition will facilitate the telling of an organic constellation of ridiculous, fantastical and possibly serious stories of things and us.

Hito’s Forest

Hito’s Forest